Ete AhPing - Host/Founder

I love business, a good story and I love people. I was driving through my neighborhood thinking about all the cool companies and stories that could be found just on my street. Then I started thinking "what if I could help tell the stories. Not just the ones on my street but the ones in the entire town"

My goal is to inspire, connect and teach. Small business in America seems to be less and less important to people these days. I want to tell the stories. Including the highs and the lows, the lessons learned and the journies. I hope our listeners can connect with the entrepreneurs, relate, learn and be inspired by them. Everyone has a story. 

"Although I love business and connecting with people, I don’t love being the center of attention. And so I have found that podcasting is a perfect platform for me. I get to be involved with other people, spend time with innovators, and discuss my passion without having to be under the spotlight and without having to be the focus of the interview. I love shining the light on the good, fascinating, and creative people of the world. There’s something magical about listening to their stories in their words. I love learning from them and sharing with them, finding points of connection, and just feeling their passion for what they do. And then putting that all out into the world in podcast form adds a whole other level of connection that is absolutely exhilarating" Ete APing.

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